10 Makeup School Supply DIYs

KimspiredDIY shows you how to make some really cool diy school supplies using makeup containers.  This video is so cool and unique as you will always know where your pens, pencils, highlighters and bookmarks are at.  She turns a nail file into a highlighter and pencil a eyeliner pencil into a pen – lip gloss & nail polish into glue and lots more.  These are some DIYs that you will want to take to school.  They are sure to be unique and one of a kind – unless your friends watch this video – which is very possible.  You will have fun putting together some new school supplies to finish out the year.


DIY Joy Ideas

DIY Joy provides lots of fun craft ideas for kids and teens. From cheap craft ideas to sewing, to outdoor to food you can find something to craft up. Not only can you find ideas on their website you can also find a huge variety of DIY projects on their Pinterest page. If you need something to make for yourself or something to make as a gift they can provide you with some great ideas. DIY Joy for all your craft needs.